Sunpak Flashes

I am so happy that I have purchased my tripod from your company. Your service has always been wonderful. It is nice to have a company who treats their customers so well.

— Karen Newman


Sunpak PZ42X

A clip-on flash supporting the TTL light control system for Canon, Nikon and Sony digital SLR's

The PZ42X flash unit can be moved 90° upward, 180° to the left, and 120° to the right, supporting bounce shooting and other operations. The focal length display can be switched between the digital display (APS-C) and the 35-mm film size converted display on the LCD. Numerous functionality and user-friendliness have been combined and condensed in this flash unit.



Sunpak RD2000

Ultra-compact and portable shoe mount flash, compatible with Canon and Nikon digital SLR cameras.

The compact design of the RD2000 flash supports the latest digital SLR cameras. With its exceptional portability, it demonstrates its full effectiveness in photographs in low light or even wedding photography not covered completely with the camera's built-in flash.



Sunpak PF30XD

High features condensed in a compact light body, compatible with Canon and Nikon digital SLR cameras.

Completely adjusted for the latest TTL light control systems. Simple and smart flash dedicated to supporting digital SLR cameras. Robust functions to assist the reproduction of images such as EV adjustment function and bounce function are condensed in a compact and stylish body. Straightforward button layout and intuitive operability ensure comfortable operation. This is a must-have for the enjoyment of digital SLR shooting.



Sunpak PF30XD

Compact auto flash for any camera, and it's easy to use!

The auto flash is an electronic flash for which a sensor automatically adjusts the amount of light. The auto flash can be used either attached to the camera or detatched from the camera because it adopts a method of flashing in wireless synchronization with the emission of light by another electronic flash. You can readily enjoy flash photography by attaching the auto flash to various cameras; from the latest digital cameras to film cameras - also range-finder cameras.



Sunpak PF30XD

Sunpak LED Macro Ring Light

The Sunpak LED Macro Ring Light is a powerful, versatile LED ring light that has been specially designed for macro photography. Equipped with 12 high powered bright white LEDs, it features a variable power switch to quickly and easily optimize the light output. A larger inner 67mm diameter makes the light compatible with most SLR lenses. The light mounts to the cameras hotshoe, and the bendable arm allows you to move the LEDs into the correct position.


Auto 16R

Sunpak PF30XD

With a maximum guide number of 16, you can have great macro shots or portrait shots with soft, even light.

The auto16R pro produces a wide range of effects, from extreme close-up shots, such as oral close-ups or medical-use shots to portrait shots. The circular ash tube snaps on to your camera lens to eliminate shadows. It also comes equipped with the flash auto function. By using digital slave unit DSU-01, two flash lights are available.

Boasts the largest Guide Number for ring ashes in this class:16